31 July 2010

my friend's dog is a teen mom

People from Vancouver get very excited about tanning. I'm going to call it an obsession. As soon as the sun even glances our way, shockingly pale individuals begin to populate beaches and grassy knolls, unveiling their goosepimpled flesh, shivering and trying to get some "colour" before the real swimsuit season starts. I tend to avoid these eager beavers because I am pretty much always cold and I think I would die if I tried to sunbathe in April.

This year summer was late to the party but now we are reveling in some heat and the tanners are out in full force. Myself included. Oh, and Tory. Yesterday Tory's beautiful tanned and freckled self attracted some unsolicited attention.

Here is Tory at the beach covered in bird poo.

Photo by Aubrie Chaylt

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