02 August 2010


I am really excited to read my new book, Confessions of an Economic Hitman by John Perkins. It's all true and it looks particularly badass. But there is also the distinct possibility that it will completely depress me and I will be back to hating so many people and things. Luckily, I still have More Good News by David Suzuki and Holly Dressel to console me.

Anyway, a glimpse of the Preface for you,

When men and women are rewarded for greed, greed becomes a corrupting motivator. When we equate the gluttonous consumption of the earth's resources with a status approaching sainthood, when we teach our children to emulate people who live unbalanced lives, and when we define huge sections of the population as subservient to an elite minority, we ask for trouble. And we get it.

As you may or may not have known, I love biographies and autobiographies. It's amazing how fascinating, inspiring and/or completely depraved real people can be. Here are some people I would like to read about, if anyone has seen anything I might be interested in...

Nelson Mandela
Neil Young
Joan Didion
Auldous Huxley
Woody Harrelson


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