27 July 2010


This is an abandoned cabin on Vancouver Island. It sits with a waterfront view, surrounded by overgrown berry bushes, wildflowers and weeds. I am relatively certain I can glimpse pieces of furniture and other mementos of human existence in the windows. Now this is home only to mice, birds and sea otters.

But it used to be more than a cabin. It was a family home. The people in it lived there year-round and (theoretically) looked after the other cabins in the area. One year, they weren't there any more and someone else was overseeing the cabins. She had her own cabin-turned-family-home though so this one just sits there, rotting.

I want to know why they left. I have such difficulty imagining abandoning anything, leaving something or someplace in such a useless state that no one else can enjoy it so I want to know what pushed these people. Or maybe some individuals are just better at leaving. Leaving homes, leaving friends, leaving family. Does that ever get easy? It seems to be against human nature.

The best part about this derelict dwelling is the fact that it is highly visible. You can see it from the path, the ocean and several of the other cabins. In this way, it sneaks into your thoughts quite often.

My photos.

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