11 September 2013


Sometimes I feel like the only person in Vancouver who does not particularly like butternut squash. Sorry guys but my heart has room for only one squash and that is of the spaghetti variety. 

Spaghetti squash is delicious when steamed and tossed with oil, Parmesan (for the dairy-eaters), and salt and pepper (and the leftovers are more delicious when pan fried). It is also a treat in the place of traditional pasta if you want a more veggie-focused meal or you are living gluten free. I love spaghetti squash with a chunky tomato sauce or paired simply with some of my favourite vegetables. 


1 medium or large spaghetti squash 
1 small zucchini
2 large leeks 
2 big cloves Russian Red garlic (or 4 small cloves of another kind of garlic)
2 handfuls of fresh spinach 
Extra virgin olive oil 
Earth Balance 
Salt (I used a lemon sea salt from Maison Cote
Pepper (I used Maison Cote's "Verona pepper blend", a coarse black pepper blended with basil, oregano, rosemary, garlic, tomato, chili flakes, toasted onion and celery seed) 

Preheat the oven to 400 F. Cut the squash lengthwise and scoop out the seeds and guts. Take a cookie sheet with a bit of depth to it and cover it with a centimetre of water. Place the squash halves on the cookie sheet with the insides of the facing down. This way the squash steams as it bakes. Cook for approximately 20-30 minutes, depending on the size of your squash. 

Meanwhile, wash your leeks and discard the very bottom of the leek as well as the dark green top bit. Slice the leeks into rounds. Wash and finely slice your zucchini. Peel and mince your garlic. Wash and dry your spinach.

Put a pan on medium heat with some olive oil. Add the leeks and zucchini and let the veggies cook down for 2 or 3 minutes. Stir a few times. Add the spinach and garlic and allow the spinach to wilt (another 2 minutes). 

Take the squash out of the oven and carefully turn over. Scrape the squash "noodles" into a large bowl. The insides the squash should easily scrape out. If it is still hard, it needs to cook for more time. Mix with some Earth Balance, salt, pepper, and your zucchini, leek, spinach, and garlic mixture. Top with cheese if you are into that. 

My recipe. My photo.

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