11 September 2013

home, homies.

Tory texted me yesterday, fishing for a blog post on my trip so THIS is that post. 

In case you were wondering, New York is the best. And that is not just attributable to the fact that I was on vacation, exploring a new city. 

I was so fortunate to have an amazing amie, Carli, and her lovely boyfriend, Davey, living in the city that were generous enough to host me for a week. From their gorgeous rooftop deck, I briefly lorded over Williamsburg. Let's be honest, if I lived in NY, I would obviously live in Brooklyn. 

With the help of my friends and an extremely useful app (Embark), I expertly navigated the subway system and was asked for directions not once, but four or five times. Of course, I was unable to assist anyone because I only knew where I was going. And just barely. 

I touristed it up at the Museum of Natural History, the Met, the 9/11 Memorial, and (ever so briefly) Times Square. I lounged in Central Park and walked the Highline with expert tour guide, Davey. I went on an expedition for five panel hats that took me intimately through the Lower East Side (it was a massive success). 

And then CV and I ate. And drank. A lot. 

Highlights included a top notch dinner at St Anselm, a killer brunch at Cafe Mogador, and a feast at the basement vegetarian mecca Punjabi (I hope you weren't expecting a website for that one, you'll have to ask around). I also had a life-changing bagel experience at The Bagelsmith - they have cream "cheese" that is tofu stuffed with beautiful things like sundried tomatoes and fresh basil and it is the best imitation I have ever found. I was afraid they had made a mistake and I was eating dairy but NO. Just fantastic.

After a particularly harrowing whiskey-related alcohol poisoning experience, I have never been able to nurture a relationship with the stuff but Char No 4 has the potential to turn me around. Slowly. The cheapest top shelf was at Blue & Gold Tavern and the sassiest of the bar service was found at Extra Fancy and I had no complaints.

So that's what's up. 

Oh, and on the longer of the two flights that it took to get me home, I lucked out and the two other seats in my row were empty. I had all of the seats! I put up the arm rests, tucked my jacket behind me, and stretched the fuck out.

All photos are from my iPhone. 

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