11 August 2013

very exciting

I follow several vegan Instagram accounts for food inspiration and, through Nom Yourself, I found some very exciting shoe inspiration: Nicora Johns

Nicora Johns is an American brand founded by shoemaker Stephanie Fryslie. The brand is a reaction to two things: (i) unemployed American artisans who could be benefiting from having full-time fulfilling work as craftspeople making shoes yet are out of work while Americans spend billions of dollars annually on shoes, and (ii) between the chemicals required to treat leather or make synthetic materials, and the agricultural destruction caused by overgrazing livestock, shoe materials make the top ten list of the world's most polluting industries every year. 

Nicora Johns is a project that hopes to pave the way for an eco-consious and socially-conscious US shoe industry comeback. 

All the shoes are crafted from high quality man-made materials (i.e. they are vegan, people, no animals harmed). Since the shoes are handmade locally and the materials are bought from local suppliers, they are able to make custom sizes for little or no extra cost and the customer can choose custom materials and colours. To add good news to good news, the average price point is under $100.

All photos from Nicora Johns. Shoes can be purchased on Kickstarter.  

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