11 August 2013

oh, hi.

I was struggling as to how to play off my lengthy absence. Do I ignore it and act like neither of us noticed my significant gap in blog upkeep? Or do I own up, as per usual, in what I like to imagine is an endearing apologetic tone, and admit I have been a misbehaved blogger.

Since I am telling you this, I guess I am going with admitting I misbehaved. Bad blogger. 

If you are wondering what inspired my unplanned hiatus, I must tell you it was nothing life-altering. My summer has just been surprisingly busy. But I have seen and eaten and read a lot of things, and I am tired of being chastised for not updating so I AM BACK. 

Like always, you can also find me on Instagram and Twitter

Have a beautiful week. 


xx a. 

Photos from born to be wild x 2, miss moss, frou frouu x 2, tomboy style, and wolves and bucks.

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