25 January 2013


You may have noticed I am in love with my neighbourhood. From deep fried pickles and veggie corn dogs at 1 a.m. with Andrea to a soap shop that lets you fill up your own container and sells bamboo toothbrushes. And then there is the dim sum, the winter's farmers market, cocktails that taste like cream soda, buildings that let you have pets, plus several of my best friends are my neighbours... Shall I go on?

One more thing to add to the list is my new stop for really great cards or card craft supplies: The Regional Assembly of Text on Main St @ 23rd Ave. Not only do they have really pretty cards that are reasonably priced (suck it eight dollar bookstore cards), the employees are lovely, and the place is stocked with paper supplies as well as button-making materials that you get to use to make our own unique sweet stuff.  

Just in time for February birthdays (like mine).  

All photos from The Regional Assembly of Text.

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