25 January 2013

sole searching

I have a lot of appreciation for masculine style. I often dress like a boy and sometimes, for a brief moment as I rifle through his dresser, I wish Connor was shorter just so I could borrow more items. 

What I have noticed in my constant observation of what the men are wearing theses days is that some of these boy-creatures do not understand how important their shoes are. Why are shoes important? Because the third thing I look at when checking out a man is his shoes. 

And one pair of shoes is not enough. Especially in Vancouver, how could you possibly think that a single pair of sneakers is going to get you through the wet weather?

Anyway, my friend Malcolm asked me to recommend some shoes so here we go, for the boys!

You need a pair of boots, nice boots. Maybe high lace-ups. 

Maybe low. 

Or these. I cannot say enough good things about these.

You also need a pair of shoes. 

Maybe even two. 

And if you are feeling adventurous, check out my favourite - solestruck

Disclaimer: This post assumes you are comfortable with internet shopping (which I hope you are as it is 2013). If you are not, check local stores to see if they carry the brands you are looking for. The stores that do will probably also have other stuff you will like. 

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