12 October 2012

sudsy fresh

I cannot remember who to credit with letting me know the Soap Dispensary exists - was it Robyn? I think it was Robyn. Thank you Robyn. Or maybe Hannon. 

The Soap Dispensary is a very cool place. It is a refill store that sells soaps, cleaners, and personal care products on tap. It is a simple and common sense idea and it makes me feel excited and happy inside. The owners are friendly and the storefront is charming. You can purchase a pretty set of bottles from them or bring your empties from whatever you just finished and fill up. No judgment.

So reduce your plastic footprint this week. And the next. And the next. 

The Soap Dispensary
3623 Main St
Vancouver, BC

Open 10am-6pm, daily.
Closed Tuesdays. 

Photos from The Soap Dispensary

**Correction: So it turns out Hannon told me. Thanks Jess.  

1 comment:

  1. Is this just bait to see if I read your blag, dubs? IT WAS MEEEE!

    It's so dang adorable in there - refilling soap has become my favourite errand to run.

    It's also affordable; it ends up being about $2 to refill my 12-14oz(?) dishsoap thingy with Sapadilla Peppermint-Rosemary dishsoap, which makes doing dishes feel like I'm at a spa...a weird spa where they make you do your dishes and you find lettuce floating around in the mineral bath water - must be one of those boutique specialty spas, I think - I bet that lettuce is an antioxidant superfood- where was i?..