12 October 2012


I don't dread the dentist. I have zero issues with the doctor. What I really hate is the eye doctor. I hate those little tests with the air puff, and the squiggles around that little black dot, and all those damn lights that make you feel like you've been staring at the sun for a good twenty minutes. The price tag of an eye test and a year's supply of vision cups (contact lenses) does not help the situation.

Why can't it just be about picking out super cool eyewear with not a squiggle test in sight? 

I want to keep this a secret but I also want my vision-impaired friends to have a silver-lining to their eye-test cloud. (Did that make any sense?). Meet Warby Parker. They are just the bee's knees. They have sick style, a low price point, and for every pair they sell, they distribute a pair to someone in need. Also, their first collection included a monocle which is too cool for words.






All images from Warby Parker (Womens).

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  1. Aubs, its Jer. Just fell in love with these (the mens that is).