03 July 2012


I have never had any sort of caffeine dependency. Some days I will have a bit of coffee or caffeinated tea but most of the time I just go without. Even law school couldn't crack me. So coffee for me is still a treat. It is a treat because Connor usually makes it and it is a treat because the only way I drink it is as part of a soy mocha.

My key ratio is 3 parts chocolate soy milk:1 part coffee. For additional awesomeness, melt a few mini marshmallows into the soy milk as you heat it.

A Beautiful Mess posted a recipe for iced coffee and I adjusted it for my taste and it is the BOMB. Which is totally still a thing that people say.

Find the recipe here. And if you are living dairy-free like me, substitute flavoured soy or almond milk for cream.

Photo from a beautiful mess.

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