27 June 2012

new wool

Pendleton makes some damn fine wool clothing and, although Vancouver is not the sort of place that automatically conjours up images of wool-clad people going about their warm and slightly itchy business (due to all the rain and whatnot - "wet" and "wool" are not a good combination), I happen to be almost perpetually cold. So in the winter (and fall... and spring... and apparently summer - wtf pacific northwest weather?) I exit my apartment layered in wool, braving the rain armed with an umbrella someone left behind at a restaurant I used to work at, confident in my wooly choices. 

It is true, a large portion of my sweater collection is thrifted and reminiscent of your grandparents BUT a small portion of it is new (!) although still reminiscent of your grandfather probably. Why do I love men's clothing so much? I am small. It is a bit ridiculous. But the heart wants what the heart wants. 

Here is my new orange Pendleton cardigan. Oh, and my new spaceboots... I mean, my new Jeffrey Campell "back-offs" in black. I am literally six feet tall when I choose to stand.

Photo by the boyf.

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