27 June 2012

get outta town

And into a town that is so adorable, you forget why you need to get back at the end of the weekend. 

Welcome to Coupeville, WA, a 100 year old log inn, and some seriously famous mussels (Penn Cove). Welcome to Fort Casey and a feeling of being very out of place in your 1985 VW Westfalia while driving past a camp of cadet-type individuals out for their daily jog/run/training of some sort. Welcome to double bluffs beach, farmer's markets, picnics and good wine in a cheap mug. 

Washington is fun because, although it may seem like you are simply trading one grey sky with sunny periods for another grey sky with sunny periods, it is different enough that you feel like you went away. Going on absurdly quaint explorations is also helpful. And don't forget to eat too much.

Some photos from me, some from Con. 

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