23 April 2012


I was in standard slouching position on the couch with my knees up and the laptop at an almost awkward angle when I first saw THIS and I sat straight up. Because I was impressed. I'm still impressed.

Wtf. This woman has done an amazing job not only with food presentation but also with the recipes themselves. There is no cookbook yet but hopefully soon. And yeah, yeah, the recipes are on the internet and the internet is free but sometimes hardcover is just... better. 

Since we are on the subject... Summer Famer's Markets are just around the corner. (Pssst - May is the corner). 

Opening dates...
Trout Lake (13th ave @Templeton): May 12th
Kits (10th ave @Larch): May 20th
West End (1100 block Comox St): June 2nd
Main St (in front of the train station beside the Main St skytrain station): June 6th
Kerrisdale (East Boulevard, between 37th and 42st): July 7th 

All Photos from the Forest Feast. Shout out also to Miss Moss. More market info at http://www.eatlocal.org/.

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