23 April 2012

don't worry, it's easy. "it's like riding a bike".

HAH! The saying is true. I have not ridden a bike in over a decade. Not counting two blocks on Tory's bike two summers ago and a brief stint over the Burrard St Bridge. But apparently learning how to ride a bicycle when you are a child is the sort of knowledge that actually stays with you. Right on. 

If you would like to skip to the conclusion of this short narrative, please jump ahead to the last line of this post. 

Connor looked at me today and said, "we are getting you a bike". I said, "I'm scared that I will fall". I lost that one. But I am okay with it. 

We started at Our Community Bikes on Main St for two reasons: (1) I knew they would take some old bike parts from a failed project that desperately needed to get out of our living room, and (2) Natasha got a sweet recycled (re-built?) bike from them. 

Our donation was accepted but the picking were slim and most of the cycles had tags proclaiming that they were "on hold". The staff were helpful and gave me the info for their warehouse. They said if I found anything, they could fix it up for me.

Next, we went to Ride On Again (that place on Broadway with the huge "We recycle donated bikes" sign). Gold. Again, great staff and I found something. $139. The guys adjusted the gears and changed the seat for me while I picked out a lock and a bell (Yes, I already have a helmet. Not to worry. Why do I already have a helmet do you ask? Well sometimes I wear it in the car. Or when I go downtown after failed hockey games. No, not really).

So I have a bike. And I don't need training wheels. 


Image from Google Images.

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