14 November 2011


The day before the market (that would be Friday) I get to use up all the bits 'n bobs in my fridge without fear that I will regret my decision (no "damn I should have saved that tomato, it would be PERFECT in this whatever I am currently making" moments).

This makes for awesome vegetable hash, quesadillas, quiches and experimental breakfasts. Last Friday I was feeling lazy so I shredded up some potatoes and onions with the last of the zucchini and carrots and a bit of garlic. In handfuls, I squeezed most of the water from my shredded veggies into the kitchen sink then put the shreds in a bowl. I mixed it up well with lemon tarragon sea salt, freshly ground pepper and a bit of dried chili. (If you want to, an egg or two would be appropriate here, I didn't feel like it so I just added a bit of olive oil). Then I squished the shreds into pancakes in some oil in old faithful (i.e. my trusty cast iron pan). A few minutes on each side and I present to you... Perfectly crisp veggie pancakes! And an empty fridge in preparation for my Saturday haul.

Also, at the market this week (with Andrew, thank you for the umbrella-sharing) I noticed they have a drop-off station for your compostable food scraps. Sam R had told me some of the markets during the summer do this and I was happy to find out the winter market does it as well. So, all you apartment-dwellers sadly living without compost, get an air-tight container, put it in the fridge and save those scraps for Saturdays. 30th and Ontario (Nat Bailey Stadium). 


Photos from Google Images.

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