14 November 2011

patience, young grasshopper

I don't know if you've heard, but I am back in school (oh, you did hear? I told you? right). This means my clothing budget is basically nil. Great. Fabulous. I love a challenge (that is not, in fact, always true). But I do love to recycle - and now you are asking yourself "where is she going with this?" - and thrifting is just another form of recycling. I love being somewhere, looking cute as anything and knowing nothing I am wearing cost more than $20 (there is a permanent exception for shoes in this story). The kind of used clothing scores that get me excited, though, do not ever come about with any sensible sort of schedule. They pop up unexpectedly. And so you must always be prepared. Like a particularly awesome boy scout.

Garage sale on your way to the bank? Yep. Friend organizing a vintage sale, Heck yes. Find yourself at a Starbucks in Fresno, CA? Use that free wifi and find out where the block of thrift shops are. Someone you know is driving to a suburban sally anne? No, you are not too busy! get on that. 

And, in case you are wondering... 
(1) high-waisted mum jean shorts are still in 
(2) velvet is almost always the right choice 
(3) if you can take it in or shorten it and it is under $10, you should commit 
(4) don't forget to check the shoes, belts and bags
(5) only buy things that you will wear (a deal is not a deal if it is going to languish in your closet)

First photo from fashion.crack. Second photo is mine. 

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