28 November 2011

plugged in

I am not quite sure how this happened but while I should have been studying/writing a memo/brushing my teeth, I somehow ended up on twitter. So you can follow me if you like. Disclaimer: I promised Jess that I would never allow this blog to become about law, but I will occaisonally post law-related nonsense on twitter. Phew, that is a weight off my chest. 

The whole twitter thing got me thinking... and I also have some other opportunities for us to become too close. I started building a playlist on CBC Radio 3 online, so check it if you want to know what Canadian music I am listening to. (I am actually not sure if it is all Canadian... oh well.) And, of course, I have a pinterest which I never told you about (sorry).

Now for an amusing anecdote: the buzzer system in our apartment building has never worked. Last month they installed new buzzers and they are terrifyingly loud when buzzed, but that is not the important bit. Our buzzer is totally malfunctionning and it makes these tiny peeps and beeps for no reason whatsoever. At first we both found it maddening because it sounded like someone was playing old fashioned video games on low volume in the background of our lives. Oddly, now we have grown accustomed to it to the point of finding it adorable. This morning Con drew it an elaborate face on post-it notes and attached the face to the buzzer. 

...All it needs now is a name.  

Photo from Olivia Lo. 

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