10 October 2011


Sometimes I am not a total bore. Two friends and I went to the Wardrobe of Sin sale at the Biltmore on Sunday morning. I was in sweater heaven but I saved my drinking 'til the end of my shopping so I kept it together pretty well. 

Aiya was selling handmade crystal necklaces, her friend had a collection of the prettiest hand printed stockings I've ever seen and Sara was surrounded by demin and fur (but no picklebacks) in a well-lit corner by the bar.

I picked up a demin jacket, a lace tank, a loose camel coloured button-up, yellow stockings patterned with old-fashioned flowers, the best cream coloured maxi skirt this side of the Mississippi... and a cesar. I would provide you with photographic evidence but it is dark out and the lighting in my apartment is crap. So we'll have to hang out and I will wear everything all at once and we can talk about it. Fantastic.

Photo from Gyspy Market Vintage.

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