10 October 2011

berry blitz

Cranberry sauce is my job on the holidays. I've been slingin' the red stuff since my tweens. Now if I was only more confident in my canning abilities, you'd each be getting a tart treasure for our next gift exchange. Birthday in July? Oh heck, have some cranberry sauce!

I suppose instead of giving a village a fish, I should just teach y'all to fish, right? (I dedicate that "y'all" to Aleks).  Please tell me you get my references and I'm not losing you to the madness that is me on a Monday night. 



If I am being honest (and I am), I do not exactly know how many cranberries I used. It was likely 4-5 cups of market fresh lower mainland cranberries. As for the sugar and water, I start with a cup of each and I theoretically will add more of either if I need it but I've never needed it yet

Rinse off your fresh cranberries. 

Get a pot. Good job. Pour a cup of water into the pot. Pour a cup of sugar into the water in the pot. Bring the water to a boil, stirring it to dissolve the sugar. 

Add all of the cranberries and drop the heat to a very low-medium. Stir occasionally. When the sauce gets to a consistency you like, stop. Pour it into a fancy bowl and let it cool. 

Serve it to all your friends and/or family. See the beginning of this post on how to brag about your cranberry sauce. 

Photo from Google Images.

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