24 October 2011

my bad

I know. I missed a Monday post. And I am sorry. I got the cutest little text message from the one and only Melissa today and it politely let me know that at least one person was "patiently waiting for my next post". I would blame school, but you wouldn't care.

So let's move on. You look really nice today. (Did that help? Do you forgive me?) I am going to look for a suit tomorrow. Barf. Do you know I would like to go look for? A desert inspired sweatshirt dress, a denim button-up, a gold talon bracelet, a sheer striped sleeveless top and an oatmeal-coloured thick knit fisherman sweater. I am really looking forward to my grandfather's birthday this year... and I am pretty sure it is because I get to dress up, well my version of dress up (gawd I am selfish sometimes). Clearly I need to get out more. Let's make a date, go to a show, throw our hair around and call it "dancing". I'm in if you're in. 

Photo of the unhappy boy on Tomboystyle. Photos of Con and I at the Biltmore by Lindsay's Diet. Photo of Con at the Waldorf by the Futurists.

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