24 October 2011

is there a better word than "gourd"?

Autumn is in the air. I know because when it rains now it means it. I am waiting for the moment (it happens every year) when the rain decides not to stop. When it really commits for the next six months. 

At the last kits farmers market of the season on Saturday, Con and I were very nearly photographed carrying bags of onions, apples, garlic and a very large pumpkin by the coordinator and his slow-on-the-draw photographer associate. We were moving quite fast. When I figured out what was going on, I wanted to turn back but Con was having none of it and my argument that we could be the face of the market didn't seem to move him the way it moved me. Or maybe the pumpkin was just breaking his graduate student arms. 

The market was full of squashes. Beautiful gourds! Since I have never shared my squash & apple soup with you before, I have decided to do that now. You can find it on the vancouver fruit tree project website here. The recipe calls for butternut, but I prefer acorn. Take your pick.

Photo from Google Images. 

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