31 October 2011

c'est l'halloween

Salut mes belles. I am sitting in my living room, listening to some kids seriously light up the night out there, how is it I never played with fireworks as a kid? Am I too old for it now? What are the rules?! Taking a page from the ever creative, Aleksandra, I went as a zombee (zombie-bee, get it?). It came together really well. I wish I had been able to go out for more than one night though. I tried to fit all the mayhem into one night and Connor ended up sleeping on the floor. Don't ask me how those things relate. 

Now I am just looking forward to going to the store tomorrow and buying the leftover halloween candy for super cheap. (You know you are going to do the same thing). 

I was reading an article on the globe and mail about the unwrapped candy. A.k.a. the homemade candy. A.k.a. your mum is totally going to throw that out dude 'cuz it's probably got tiny razors in it 'cuz strangers use halloween to murder children. The author decided she had more to fear from all the garbage that the masses stir into their processed candy than getting heckled a bit for slaving over homemade treats to dish out tonight. She had the right idea - put a list of ingredients on the bagged treats (for the poor saps with allergies) along with her name and address (for parental feelings of security and general accountability). What do you think? Would you toss it?

Photo from MissMoss. Photo from my blackberry at the end of a long night.

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