10 June 2011

shampoo? that is so 2010.

I swear my most popular post of all time is my shampoo post. Or should I say my no-shampoo post. People ask me questions about quitting or using less shampoo all the time and when they get into a routine of drastically reducing their hair-washing dependence, I get to hear all the surprised and satisfied reports. I love it so keep it coming friends.

I never did fully quit shampoo despite Connor's success with the experiment. I wash my hair on Wednesdays with organic shampoo and conditioner as to not pour nasty chemicals down the drain. My hair has a better natural wave, holds styles easier and stands up to activity that used to weigh it down remarkably well now. 

The Globe and Mail is on my side too, see for yourself here.

Be free, my beauties. 

My photo. 

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