07 January 2011

knit it

I wanted to learn how to quilt. However, it must be outdated or something because no one I know quilts. Imagine.

For Christmas I received a set of handmade knitting needles with molded owls on the end. So instead of quilting, I'm knitting. Robs met up with me today, helped me pick out some yarn and showed me how to start a scarf. I think I'm a natural. Although I doubt myself a lot. I need my Yoda (Robyn). Plus the girls at work knit so I plan to use all my resources.

I know knitting was hip like five years ago so if anyone's knitted anything amazing, let me in on it so I can try to copy you in the future. Thanks loves.

Photo from Google Images.

1 comment:

  1. I'm going to have to disagree with you here Aubs. Knitting is so NOW...yes, I just wrote that, it was hippy-meets-yuppy lingo, which is exactly what knitting has become.

    So...when you're ready, come on over and be my Yoda..