04 January 2011

friend of a friend

I started reading a blog by a woman named Leanne called How Sweet It Is. I like to see photos from people who bake more often and more artistically than myself. Also, the blog is written by a friend of my friend, Miss Swan.

My big baking accomplishment of the year was successfully making a loaf of french bread with herbs from scratch with salvaged dough. And it happened at the very end of December. Leanne recently posted a list of her most popular posts from twenty-ten and included on the list was a recipe from Alton Brown for HOMEMADE SOFT PRETZELS. Yep. I have all the ingredients already in my pantry. Except I will be using sea salt instead of kosher salt. Looks like none of my chores are getting done today. Get the recipe here. Check out Leanne's baking blog here.

Photo by Leanne from leannebakes.blogspot.com


  1. what exactly is salvaged dough? visions of dumpster diving dance in our heads.

  2. let me explain... i thought i ruined my bread dough because it wouldn't mix in the bread machine so i removed it, googled how to salvage dough, kneaded in more yeast, let it rise again and baked it in the oven. end result: delicious!