09 November 2010


I care a lot about my food choices. I've also given thought to my cooking utensils and cleaning products. I have just started to explore the abyss that is the beauty care industry. Although, giving up poisonous body care products doesn't mean you don't have options. Pretty much everything you currently own has a healthier-for-your-body-and-the-planet alternative.

Some notes...

Your hair dye contains ammonia, peroxide, PPD and diaminobenzene (all toxic, all carcinogenic).
Your wax is probably petroleum-based.
Your blue-hued deodorant is coloured by coal tar-based Yellow No. 6, contains illegally mined talc from an Indian wildlife sanctuary and tiger reserve, propylene glycol (which in 100% concentrations is antifreeze) and the carcinogenic preservative paraben.
Your toothpaste is filling up your mouth, your sink and your fields with eco-persistent triclosan, carcinogenic saccharin, synthetic dyes and preservatives.
Your floss is coated with Telfon (a.k.a PTFE).
"Hypoallergenic, Allergy-Tested and Dermatologist-Tested" is a meaningless, unregulated term.
Amazingly, your eyeliner may still have lead in it in this country.

The Environmental Working Group did a hell of a job ranking over 14 000 personal care products for their safety and includes ingredient lists and breakdowns of their impacts for each and every one.

This Canadian database lists less toxic to beauty care and baby care and more, brought to you by Nova Scotia's Environmental Health Association.

This international site offers a full assessment of which perfumes, nail polishes, deodorants and hair products tested positive for phthalates and which didn't.

For more information refer to "Body Care" in "Beauty Spots" in Ecoholic: When You're Addicted to the Planet by Adria Vasil. The three websites and blurbs listed are direct quoations. Image from Google Images.

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