18 November 2010

doin' it for himself

I had an accident on Saturday involving the laundry machine and my left wrist and hand. Since then, I have not been much help around the apartment. As the ruler and general overseer of the apartment, this is not good.

Previously... Connor's mum gave us a few pounds of venison that she had hunted and killed with her husband in the Okanagan a few weeks ago. Connor asked for meatloaf so I made it for him. Even though I am a supporter of consuming wild game that is a gift from your family, I could not get myself to eat a piece of a loaf of meat. It is just too weird.

With the new development of me being unable to cook (or do dishes) by myself, Connor made himself lunch for the first time in awhile. A cheese, meatloaf and local, organic, free-range turkey sandwich with sprouts and vancouver mustard. Please note the size of the slice of meatloaf in comparison with the sandwich as a whole.

My photo.

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