20 August 2010


I have a sinking feeling that summer is over. I had to wear tights under my shorts yesterday and when I forgot to bring a jacket to work, I shivered and goosebumped all the way home. I am very disappointed, Vancouver, very disappointed. But I can't blame my foul mood solely on the city, I was so busy with work that I never got to enjoy the summer I planned to have. I didn't get a single camping trip, a Penticton visit, a yoga membership, a Halifax adventure, any time in Tofino, more than two trips to Wreck Beach or a weekend at the Aynsleys. Summer weather took too long to arrive and then I failed to take full advanatge. I didn't have a terrible summer - I went to Sasquatch Music Festival, visited my dad on the Sunshine Coast, soaked up some rays with some beautiful people and really enjoyed having the love of my life back full time - it just didn't live up to expectations, ya dig?

Photo from Vice "Wet 'n Wild" shoot online. www.viceland.com

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