18 August 2010


With both Connor and myself working in the service industry, we tend to only buy groceries for breakfast and (sometimes) lunch. Which is fine by me although I do have a bit of a love-hate relationship with breakfast. I used to insist on skipping it or eating dinner leftovers for the most important meal of the day. Breakfast Spaghetti, yes please.

We are completely spoiled because we live very close to a charming breakfast restaurant so even when we have no food in the apartment, breakfast awaits us a mere two blocks away at Paul's Omelettry. Recently, I met up with Mei Mei, I mean Jess, at Paul's (Granville St @ 6th Ave). We met a few years ago in an upper level english literature course and it was love at first sight. Now she lives in Hong Kong and we like to get together annually so she can share valuable insight about contrasting lifestyles and how lovely the air is here.

My photos of my sweet girl, Jess. 

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