08 June 2010


The sun has been making some appearances of late and it's finally warming up. (I had started to genuinely worry we had used up all our good weather on the tourists in February). I went out today and picked up my summer wardrobe. Not too many things and nothing too extravagant but I like it. The only other item I could use would be a pair of shorts. Preferably black and high waisted. I'll keep an eye out.

I know American Apparel gets a lot of bad press sometimes but I don't mind buying from them. At least I know where it's made. One of my all time favourite stores in Vancouver is True Value Vintage. They have a good used selection but I usually can't even make it past the new arrivals. For the most part, their "new" stuff is reworked old items, which I totally dig. Right on recycling!

brown and white crop top by AA

sheer sleeveless long top by AA

black lace tank by Audrey (@TVV)

black sleeveless backless top by Olive Olivia (@TVV)

back view!

orange and white crop top by Collective Concepts (@TVV)

white tie up loose tee by Audrey (@TVV)

blue "linen" high waisted pants by AA

My photos.

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