05 June 2010


For three years now I have donated a weekend of my life to Sasquatch Music Festival. I always hear good music, spend time with good friends and try to eat as little of the terrible festival food as possible. I thoroughly enjoyed this year's line-up despite a few timing conflicts. Honestly, who schedules LCD SoundSystem, Girls and YACHT at the same time? Anyway... Vampire Weekend were surprisingly good, Passion Pit dramatically improved their live show, MGMT's new album is gold, the XX were creepy as all hell live, Caribou was scheduled super early and everyone who made it in the gates for noon had a real treat (myself included), I missed Camera Obscura, the Seattle Rock Orchestra's tribute to the Arcade Fire's Funeral album was invigorating, I was introduced to a cool band called Fool's Gold and Massive Attack actually rocked my world.

Massive Attack headlined at the Main Stage on the second night of the festival and their live show was unreal. Their new album features a lot of guest singers and many of them were present at the Gorge which was great. When the last song ended, Connor and I looked at each other without speaking, grabbed our gear and pretty much ran away from our friends. Although I bet you we couldn't even have said why. We walked back to camp discussing the show, corporate greed and the replacement of socializing with "media interaction". We were the first ones back at camp and sat on our bed in the van (1985 VW Westfalia named Carol) with the weight of the world on our shoulders. We could hear voices outside as people made their way back to campsites with beers in hands and drugs in bodies. I looked at Connor and said, "I'm going to wash my face, lay down, put ear plugs in and pretend we are all better people than we actually are." Con said, "Yeah."

We fell asleep holding hands.



Photos by myself (and friends).

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