20 April 2010

the want list

I know, I know, it has not been very long at all since my last want list post but I am a constant daydreamer dabbling in consumer whorism. Alright? Funny story, a friend told me she has a "want list" too, only she refers to hers as "the greed list". Which I think is poignant and awesome.

Forever and Never reversible necklace by Alex and Chloe
I want this more than I want a teacup pig. Which is a lot. So please don't buy it. Because I'm going to.

cheap monday cut tank in army
Then I can play the disheveled heroine in an indie punk film.

lourdes in beige @ spank
I probably won't get these since I can't really justify yet another studded shoe purchase but they would look really good on me... I'll think about it.

save the planet cufflinks by jamie riley
For Connor.

Photos from alexandchloe.com, spankclothing.ca & etsy.com.

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