22 April 2010


Yesterday I put together the most excellent mini bbq I got from Canadian Tire and set it up on the fire escape. What? There was nowhere else to put it. I couldn't very well bbq indoors, now could I? I also managed to get it lit on the second attempt. Girl power. (Also, thank you Mel for making me read the instructions). And no neighbours called the fire department which was a legitimate concern of mine because it did sort of look like a cornor of the building was on fire in the beginning. So myself and a few cohorts enjoyed a mini bbq before the Yeasayer show. Beautiful.

The concert was great. Sleighbells opened which was not what I expected but they really killed it. The two-person dynamic reminded me of a less intense version of The Kills. Yeasayer was brillant. Loved the sound (and Anand Wilder's jumpsuit). Favourite performed song: O.N.E.

Here are some photos from my place and in the show before it got wild and I forgot I owned a camera. Which is what usually happens... Sigh.

Photos by myself (and friends).

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