09 April 2010

the want list

I have an embarrassingly brief short-term memory. This leads to the necessary accumulation of lists. Lists of groceries, lists of books, lists of things to do, etc. My favourite list is The Want List. It started out as more of a note than a list. Just a little note of a thing or two I wanted to pick up for spring. Being a babe on a budget, I can't replace my wardrobe every three months but I can add a few things and since I am likely to forget what it was that sparked my desire in the first place and get something else (insert post-consumer regret here), I started The Want List. It is a place for me to store essentials that I must pick up as soon as possible, frivolities that I can stew over a bit and items that are way out of my price range but I like to look at. Conveniently, The Want List is my constant companion since it is saved on my blackberry...

Here is a small sample of what is on The Want List at this very moment. 

lightweight denim chambray jumper by wilfred

Of course, if i pick this little beauty up, I'm also going to need spring/summer heels so my 5'6" frame doesn't get lost in the bagginess... It just seems so fabulously, casually spring to me. Love. 

nude basic bodysuit by american apparel

Oh AA, I can't get over the sticker shock of  paying full price after working there last year. Sigh. This bodysuit is for all the adorable see-through blouses I've picked up for spring/summer.

holiday day bag by balenciaga

For me, these colours are an example of the spring and summer that I want to have. Blue sky, brown desert. Connor, let's go on a road trip pleeeeease.

Photos from aritzia.com, americanapparel.com & balenciaga.com

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