13 April 2010

keyed up

I am not one of those people that claim to like all kinds of music.
"So, uh, what kind of music do you listen to?" "Oh, you know, I like all music."
I don't like all music. I could write you a list but I don't want to offend anyone, so let's just talk about what I do like. I do not intentionally subscribe to one genre and I do not believe that genres exist today in the same way that they used to sixty, fourty, even twenty years ago, but I do seem to prefer Rock 'n Roll above all else. Classic Rock makes me happy and I like a lot of modern bands that speak to me in Rock. I would count The Black Keys as a Rock band. It is a pretty broad classification in a convoluted music scene where the category "Pop Rock" is supposedly a real thing but however you want to categorize The Black Keys, they are wickedawesome (yes, I intend that to be one word).

I'm hoping for a Vancouver tour date. Come on, come onnnn...

Check out the promo video for "Tighten Up" from the new album Brothers here.



Photo from Google Images.

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