12 April 2010

easy like monday morning

I finished an amazing book this weekend. Nikolski by Nicolas Dickner. It was very well written, haunting and thoughtful in a completely genuine way. Thank god, because after Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin I really needed some GOOD literature. Here are a few passages that stayed with me.
"So there she stayed, prisoner of a family without fame, a village without roads, a gender without options, a time without hope. Standing on the shore of Providence Island, gripping her binoculars, she watched the freighters sail through the channel. Their cargo was no longer the gold and silver of the East Indes, but wheat, crude oil, and endless rolls of paper on their way to New York, where they would serve to print thousands of kilometres of bad news."
"In sum, he feels unworthy of occupying this place, as if he were afraid of wasting something. But what exactly would he be wasting? Space? Cubic centimetres? Emptiness?
Can emptiness be wasted?"
"[T]he truth is, we're ahead of our time. Archaeology is the discipline of the future, Every time an old IBM finds its way to the dump, it becomes an artifact, Artifacts are the main products of our civilization. When all the computer experts are unemployed, we'll still have millions of years of work ahead of us. That is the fundamental paradox of archaeology. Our discipline will reach its peak at the end of the world."
I am pretty easy to please. Two of my favourite things are food and books. Here is what is next on the menu.


These photos are mine. 

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