30 August 2013

summer thunderstorms

The Greater Vancouver Area was slammed by a brief yet wicked little thundershower last night. Lightening had a starring role in several of my dreams. I guess I am easily influenced by exterior stimuli. 

BUT IT IS AUGUST. And Vancouver. Basically, I am wondering, "what in the sweet heck is going on?"

This week has been particularly manic-depressive with mostly grey and drizzly days being abruptly punctuated by an hour or so of lovely sunshine. I am irrationally confident, however, that September will be better. Nicer. Warmer. 

With that in mind, I have a brand of bikinis to present to you. It is late in the season, yes, but what if next month is a stunner? And, if it is not, these are suits you could plan a holiday around. 

ANI bikinis is a US brand that believes in craftmanship. Yes, of bikinis. The swimwear is 100% designed and manufactured in Southern California. The designer and founder of ANI bikinis is Ani Breslin is a world-traveling surfer chick. These suits are not for the faint of heart and they are intentionally designed to be so. 

All photos from ANI bikinis.

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