08 March 2013

put a bird on it

... Or a fox, or a rabbit, or a hedgehog, or some carrots, or a camper van. I don't care, they are all lovely! 

My sweet and charming friend Dan sent me a card in the mail for my birthday from the other side of the country and inside the card was a small square of brown cardstock covered in tiny owl nail stickers created by Kate Broughton. I really dig owls. 

Of course, he managed to find one of the only shops in Canada that sells this stuff so I went online. On Kate's site, you can find all types of lovely things. All the drawings are hers and she handmakes each item. 

rabbit pocket mirror

 cacti writing set

 caravan tote bag 

hedgehog notepad

veggie gift wrap 

whales of the world pins 

woodland creatures nail stickers

All images (except the nail photo) from katebroughton.co.uk. Nail photo by me, filter by Instagram.

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