15 February 2013


I know I promised Aletha that I would write a post on Internet shopping basics and I really thought this was going to be the week


It is 11:17pm, I am full of delicious jamacian food, sleepy, and I need to do a bit more research on the subject so instead I am going to do something predictable and give you a link to something neat that you haven't heard of yet. LEIF

LEIF is based out of Brooklyn, New York (like some other things that I love) and is curated by Stacy Anne Longenecker. The objective is to "present the most special, beautiful things that add a unique touch to day-to-day living."

This shop is pretty neat. Very understated, it showcases a small collection of various items at a time with stock changing on a regular basis.

sea shark bottle opener

fiske tea towel

faceted boulder mug

elephant print wool scarf

All photos from LEIF.

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  1. Way more fun than online shopping basics :) xox, A (the other one)