11 January 2013

big plans

Ever since I have been with Connor, we have been campers. Van campers. Con has had Carol (the Westie) for longer than he has had me and she is an excellent companion. We are completely outfitted for camping with the van which is great for extended roadtrips and day hikes but really marries us to our home base. 

For Christmas, Con's parents got us a tent from Asolo! So we are going to pick up some sleeping bags and a wee stove. I am terribly excited.

This tent!

For Con's birthday last July, I got him a backpack from Poler. Poler is a very cool Oregon brand that makes very cool gear. The blonde man stared at the bags for a few months so we finally locked one down for him. Reasonably priced.

Another wicked brand I have discovered is Scout, a Seattle-based operation that also offers some super neat gear. Less reasonably priced.

The point of this post is that it is sunny and dry and we should all be making camping plans. Big, big plans. 

Photos from Asolo, Poler, and Scout.

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