30 November 2012

it has gotten worse

But I still love you all, I will probably survive (although that is not 100% guaranteed), and I am building a collection of ideas for posts that I will be sharing when I am able. 

I am a bit sad that I am so occupied because the pre-holiday period is such a good time to talk about food and crafts but I do have two small tips:

SHINY FUZZY MUDDY holiday craft fair is on at HERITAGE HALL on the weekend of DECEMBER 8-9.

GYPSY VINTAGE MARKET is holding court at FORTUNE on SUNDAY, DECEMBER 16 (5-midnight). 

Since you have lots of time, if you were shopping for me, I would suggest some of my favourite online shops: Solestruck, Yo Vintage, The Caravan, Black Milk, and Nasty Gal

And while we are on the subject of the internet, Miss Moss puts together some very exellent gift guides. 

xx Aubrie.

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