28 September 2012

is this real life?

There are things that I wish I could do. Like whistle. And draw really well. Draw from my heart and mind. Without an image in front of me to replicate. It is funny how we all have somewhat equal drawing prowess as young'uns but then, suddenly, a rapidly growing disparity between the regular people and the artists develops. 

I read that human beings that produce things with their hands are happier. It has to do with experiencing the fruits of your labour, physically in front of you. 

One artist I want to share with you is a young Frenchwoman named Marynn. I first saw her work about a year ago but something reminded me of it today. I don't know what it is but I love portraits and I love black and grey. You can see in her work that she is young but I had a fine time in high school so I don't mind what it stirs up for me.

Crap, did I just reveal that I don't know how to whistle?

All artwork by Marynn.

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