25 July 2012

the pizza stone revelation

This wonderful human being named Sammy (Baby) gave me a pizza stone yesterday so obviously I immediately picked up zaa supplies and made multiple pies. I used my standard dough recipe (found here and the basic how to is found here).

When using a pizza stone, the method of baking changes. The oven (with the pizza stone in it) needs to be heated to 500 F and after you transfer the composed raw pizza to the hot stone, turn the oven to broil and let it go for 5-7 minutes. Boom. Done. (Since moving raw pizza is tough, make sure you flour your prep surface really well and I found that making more, smaller pizzas was helpful because it is easier to move small things without them falling or ripping apart.)

For the first time in my pizza-making blogging career, I managed to take a photo of one of my zaas before we ate it! This is a truffle pesto sauced pizza with caramelized onions, artichoke hearts, garlic, lactose-free mozzarella, parmesan, oregano, chili flakes, and arugula. The dough is half white flour and half whole wheat with flax seeds, oregano, and basil.

Photo by Aubrie Chaylt. 

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