13 July 2012

some tunes

A few weeks ago, Mary suggested a collage music post in the vein of the collage photo posts I compile each week. I liked the idea but, if you do not already know, I am not in charge of the music in my household. Connor is. I am pretty sure he has been since we met. His research skills are impressive and he knows me so well that now he is this amazing resource that I totally abuse. 

"Connor, what should I listen to?"

"I want something with a girl singer, no actually a boy that sounds like a girl." 

"Something new please by someone who is friends with someone I like."

"What was that album you put on four days ago when I was making dinner? I don't remember the name or any useful information but I do remember I liked it."

So here are some songs that Con picked out for y'all. 

TY SEGALL BAND - Wave Goodbye

NIGHT BEATS - They Came in through the Window

alt-J - Tessellate (Con's alt-J pick)

alt-J -  Breezeblocks (my alt-J pick)

KING KRULE - The Noose of Jah City

PURITY RING - Fineshrine

THE GROWLERS - "People Don't Change Blues"

TAME IMPALA - Apocalypse Dreams

and I am also going to include TWIN SHADOW -  Five Seconds because 
I really love the video 

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  1. Ooooh, I am so excited you ran with my idea! But now it is 6:30 and Brent is still in bed so I have to wait to listen so I don't wake him!