07 June 2012

the knit kid

My knitting situation is currently on hold because I dropped a stitch and my brain is so full (of law stuff, I assume)... that I have forgotten how to save the damn stitch. So I wait. For Robyn and my schedules to align so my Knit Yoda can help me.

Luckily, other people can still weave wonders with their needles and one of those people is Sabrina Weigt. She is based out of Berlin and running a line called the knit kid. Thank you to Tyla for pointing her out to me.

All photos from the knit kid on etsy.


  1. Hej Aubrie,
    thanks a lot for the blogpost! I´m flattered. :)
    Would you mind correcting my name to Weigt (without the h)?

  2. Of course! Sorry about the mistake.