22 May 2012

salt obsessed

I will choose salty over sweet almost every time and one of my favourite things about the first few weeks of the Kits farmer's market is the presence of an outgoing (and more than a little bit eccentric) man who peddles salt, pepper, herbs, and other seasonings. Check out his website, here.

The goods come in a variety of sizes but if you go for the large bags, a bag and a half will last you an entire year (suddenly $8 a bag or 3 for $20 seems vaguely reasonable...).

I usually go for two types of salt and an herb mix but this year I chose pepper over herbs and it may have been one of the best decisions I have ever made. This chipotle pepper mix is the bomb. The smell of it makes me salivate. 

The hibiscus is left over from last year (I used all the lemon-thyme). This year I went with seaweed, mushroom, and the aforementioned pepper.

Photos by me.

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