20 February 2012

a little bit in love with you

Week off, week off, wait... I need to read during reading week? Poop. Luckily, I just spent two days on an island in a cottage at a hippie camp. Did some gardening, managed to bring way too much law talk into a card game, and learned that Pat is excellent at making fires (as long as the sleep paralysis doesn't kick in). Unluckily for you, I took zero photos. Sorry.

Because I spent the majority of my actual birthday being wickedly hungover and stuffed into a small car with three boys in a foreign country, I sporadically recieved your wonderful birthday well wishes but was unable to respond in a timely fashion, so THANK YOU. You are all terribly thoughtful and charming. 

To all of my birthday twins that I fondly thought of but did not communicate with... HAPPY BIRTHDAY. February eighteenth, what a great day to be born.

Photo from lookbook cookbook

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