27 February 2012



I love February. But that love is for entirely selfish reasons (my birthday, valentine's day, and reading week). Once it is over, I am just itching for May. March, April, who needs 'em? They are wet and surprisingly chilly months that seperate me from the garden explosion that is May. Technically, April has some treats but the Winter Farmer's Market is such a trek it just cannot compete with May when the Kits market opens in full force. 

This year, Con and I are going to try something new. We bought into a local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) called Your Local Food Pedalers. That means from June 9 - Decemeber 2nd we will be receiving a box full of fresh, local, organic produce at our doorstep (figuratively since we live in a apartment) once a week, delivered by bicycle. (Bicycle!)

Let's do the math. What we are looking at is 26 weeks of a variety of produce for 2 people. If you sign up early (which I understand to be before April 1st), you get a 5% discount which puts your total is $611.63. 611.63/26 = $23.52 per week. If you are a regular organic produce shopper, you know that is a deal for a week's worth of fruit and veg.

I am super exicted. 

And you should be too. When we go away for a few weeks this summer, I am planning on temporarily re-routing my goods to a lucky friend. It could be you. 

If this is sounding good to you, check them out. And when you sign up, if you could please mention me in the 'how you heard about us" section, I would be much obliged. 

Image from Your Local Food Pedalers

Sad news. Your Local Food Pedalers fell upon some tough times and will not be able to provide their service this year. My heart breaks for them. Hopefully they will have more success in the near future - best of luck!

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